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The inlingua Method

No More False Starts or Unsuccessful Attempts

Have you tried to learn a language before?
Was it an unpleasant process where you memorized vocabulary and grammatical rules such as how to conjugate verbs?
When you finally got a chance to speak the language, was it hard to say more than a few words or string together a sentence?
If this sounds like your experience (or you avoided learning a language altogether) –
You Are Not Alone!

Many people who come to inlingua have had unsuccessful attempts at learning a language in the past due to outmoded, “tried and true” language learning techniques. That’s why we developed the unique inlingua method to help you learn a new language – quickly, painlessly, and successfully.

A Dynamic and Practical Approach

The proven inlingua method uses a dynamic and practical approach to learning a language – an approach that focuses on the functional aspects of a language, not the dry, technical details. Rather than memorizing long lists of vocabulary words or reverting to word-for-word translation, you will gain skills in practical, real-world situations and be personally coached on accuracy, fluency, and pronunciation. 
Our method encourages you to have fun and experiment with the language, so that you can figure out its patterns for yourself and progress quickly in your proficiency. We also make sure that speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills are integrated into our technique so that you end up with a natural, organic feel for the language as a whole. And, unlike self-teaching tools, our live instructors include all the subtle but critical nuances such as culture, etiquette, and appropriateness in every lesson plan.

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Our Proprietary Materials Make a Huge Difference.

All of inlingua’s proprietary materials are created and developed at our Pedagogical Services Center in Bern, Switzerland. They are unique and regularly updated, and undergo a rigorous development process, including piloting at inlingua centers prior to publication. Your materials will include a textbook, workbook, verb book, and audio CDs. There is a progress test every five units, and your instructor will receive a Trainer Resource Pack that includes lesson planning guidelines, communicative activities, and additional training resources.

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inlingua Instructors . . . Simply the Best Qualified Professionals

Pre-qualified instructors from academic and professional backgrounds are invited to a rigorous comprehensive pass/fail training involving both theory and hands-on application. Only those who pass our training are hired. All of our instructors are college-educated and have native fluency in the language they teach, as well as a familiarity with cultural nuances and traditions. Unlike working with self-teaching tools, our live instruction technique enables you to develop a personal rapport with your instructor that makes learning a new language a more enjoyable and successful experience.

To visit our center, take a look at our materials,
or set up a free consultation and trial session, contact us today!

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