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Advancing Your Business Interest
At inlingua Metro New York we understand the full spectrum of needs an organization has for its foreign-born professionals, whether they are on assignment or have lived in the New York City / New Jersey area for many years and been educated at top U.S. universities.
High performance requires excellent communication skills even in one’s native language, and leaders, managers, and consultants for whom English is a second language can face challenges when trying to communicate their expertise.   Professionals often appear to have adequate skills in business English, but their facility and effectiveness deteriorate in critical contexts such as meetings, teleconferences, negotiations, presentations, and client interactions. Our Business English for Management and Professional Development materials promote effective language learning communication skills and increased confidence.



We can deliver the following programs and more:

  • Preparation for an assignment in NYC or NJ (See English for Social Purposes for spouse and children programs.)
  • Conversational skills for general business purposes and contexts
  • Specialized skills for meetings, presentations, finance, human resources, and more
  • Accent reduction
  • Grammar review
  • Idiom and vocabulary building
  • Writing skills

We utilize the following valuable tools to set up customized private and group Business English programs and improve our clients’ return on investment:

  • Analysis of the organization’s needs
  • Individual needs assessments
  • Individual evaluations

We offer flexible scheduling options:

Flexible Frequency Program (FFP)

This is ideal for professionals who are already working on assignment in New York City or in New Jersey.

  • Language learning at a flexible pace
  • Morning, afternoon or evening  sessions according to the learners’ schedules
  • Training at our center or at our clients’ offices

Crash Intensity Program (CIP)

This is perfect for organizations with specialized global mobility programs who move a high number of employees from abroad or want their individual assignees to refine their English skills before starting at the host office.

  • Super-intensive language learning
  • Maximum progress within a short period of time


Examples of inlingua Projects

A large pharmaceutical company realized that while its scientists in Research and Development had expertise in scientific areas, their overall performance was impeded by under-developed, soft communication skills.  In a Dual Ladder Career project, inlingua evaluated the skills of 70 scientists, identified critical areas that needed improvement, and delivered group-training courses for culturally effective functional language for meetings and presentations as well as pronunciation skills.

A prestigious worldwide consulting firm with over 60% foreign-born professionals, many educated at the finest U.S. universities, recognized that a weakness in communication skills was negatively impacting not only high-potential individual careers, but the future of the firm, as it relied on a career progression management system.  inlingua evaluated the employees, identified key areas that needed improvement for each individual, and delivered private, customized training courses. Our inlingua progress reports have become a component in this firm’s bi-annual performance reviews. This demonstrated the importance of inlingua training and developed strong commitment from the employees.

To schedule a visit to our center to look at our materials or have a trial lesson or an assessment session, please contact us.
New York, NY: 212-682-8585 or
Ridgewood, NJ: 201-444-9500 or
Summit, NJ: 908-522-0622 or

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