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Managing Your Account and Investment in Language Training

inlingua Customer Service

One of inlingua’s core competencies is an emphasis on providing excellent customer service.  Maintaining collaborative relationships with our clients is very important to inlingua and we have a highly professional team in place with each member dedicated to a specific aspect of account management and customer service.   

The inlingua team

95% of the staff members at inlingua Metro New York have training, language, and educational backgrounds.  They bring a natural passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to their professional interactions and duties.

Our Executive Director sits on the Board of inlingua International Pedagogical Services and was President of inlingua Americas for 15 years. Our Vice-President was President of inlingua International for seven years, and is currently President of inlingua Americas.  Their involvement with our organization allows our team to be well-informed of new materials, tools, and changes in our company and industry.     


inlingua believes in the importance of a supportive administrative presence.  Our administrative staff works closely with our students to set up convenient schedules.  On the first day of class students are given an orientation and policies and procedures are discussed.  Our administrative staff handles invoicing matters and manages all center operations. 

Pedagogical services

Strong pedagogical support of our instructors is critical to the success of our programs.  Our pedagogical staff reviews instructors’ lesson plans and meets with them regularly to provide pedagogical guidance.  If our students face any special challenges or needs, a pedagogical staff member provides solutions.  In addition to developing specialized curriculum, delivering method training and enhanced-skills seminars, pedagogical staff reviews progress reports.  Together, our pedagogical and administrative staff review course evaluation forms to receive feedback on our professionalism and services. 

Client Services

Having client-service professionals with language training and teaching backgrounds and many years of experience in our field translates into delivery of services that are aligned with our clients’ needs. Our client- service professionals consult with our clients to identify specific individual or organizational needs.  They recommend strategies and create proposals offering a variety of options to address customization, pedagogical matters, and cost-effectiveness.     

Investment Management

inlingua Metro New York’s Unique Approach for Tracking Your Investment  

We can make your accounting easier.  inlingua can submit monthly reports designed for you including such information as  names of employees taking training, Cost Center or department, Global I.D. or other employee designations, number of sessions taken, and charges for sessions.  These reports can be further customized.  There is no additional charge for these reports that arrive each month keeping you well-informed of your investment in your employees.  

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