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Language Assessments for Business

A weakness in English communication skills can undermine an international assignee’s performance, talent, and contribution to the organization. That is why language assessments for business can be so critical in evaluating employees for potential assignments. One of the biggest investments a company makes is in its employees. Our English language assessment helps you to make sound investments when selecting international staff for assignments in the United States. The language assessment for business determines if an individual has the capability to communicate effectively when doing business in English - and is handled by experts with years of experience conducting language assessments for business.
You select your personnel for their performance skills; inlingua Metro New York’s Global English Proficiency Assessments ensure that they have the communication skills needed to perform and showcase their expertise. We have successfully conducted over 1,000 assessments for international assignments, and our experience, expertise, and quality assurance guarantee that you receive a return on your investment.

Description of Proficiency Levels

Level 1 - Elementary Proficiency:  
Able to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements. Vocabulary is inadequate to express anything but the most elementary needs. Errors in pronunciation and grammar are frequent, but can be understood by native speaker. Can understand simple questions and statements, allowing for slowed speech or repetition.

Level 2 - Limited Working Proficiency: 
Able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements. Can handle most social situations, but not with facility. Can handle limited work requirements, but not complications which might arise. Has a vocabulary sufficient to express oneself simply with some circumlocutions. Does not have thorough or confident control of grammar.

Level 3 - Minimum Professional Proficiency: 
Able to speak with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate in most formal and informal conversations. Can discuss particular interests with reasonable ease. Comprehension is quite complete for a normal rate of speech. Accent is foreign. Control of grammar is good. Errors do not interfere with understanding.

Level 4 - Full Professional Proficiency:  
Able to use the language fluently and  accurately on all levels normally pertinent to professional needs.  Can understand and participate in any conversation within the range of  experience with a high degree of fluency and precision of vocabulary.  Can respond appropriately even in unfamiliar situations.  Errors of pronunciation and grammar are rare.

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