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Foreign Language Training for Social and General Purposes

Whether you want to learn a language for travel, relocation abroad, test prep, tutoring for your child, conversation with your new in-laws or friends, or for personal enrichment, we can help. Our classes are conversational, dynamic, and fun. Our instructors are dedicated, kind, and very helpful.  They are always happy to include cultural tips and etiquette in their classes.  And unlike self-teaching tools, live instruction fosters a rapport between teachers and students that facilitates the learning process.  You will gain the skills and confidence to speak in a new language that will enrich your life when you meet people, make friends, and travel.

Our programs can focus on:

  • Building confidence and fluency
  • Speaking with accuracy
  • Learning idioms and building vocabulary
  • Initiating conversation and socializing
  • Writing

We will set up a highly customized program using the following valuable tools:

  • Individual needs assessments
  • Individual evaluations (for those with background in the target language)

In private training, the class will progress at your pace and the focus will always be on your needs. If you have family and friends you’d like to have join you, we will be happy to set up a group course.


To schedule a visit to our center to look at our materials or have a trial or evaluation session, please contact us.
New York, NY: 212-682-8585 or
Ridgewood, NJ: 201-444-9500 or
Summit, NJ: 908-522-0622 or

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