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Cultural Competency for Business Professionals

Cultural competency is critical to doing business successfully in multi-cultural organizations.  
At inlingua Metro New York we understand that language and culture are entwined, and that intercultural competency is an important skill in our increasingly global business world.  Our cultural competency for business programs are designed to equip professionals and leaders today with the cultural knowledge needed to work effectively in multi cultural environments.
Our consultants and trainers work closely with our clients and pre-program questionnaires are given to participants to ensure highly customized training in cultural competency for business. Participants in our cultural competency programs will gain the ability to effectively navigate a variety of business situations with cross-cultural competency. 

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Developing a Global Mindset

The effective executives and managers of the 21st century must build relationships and lead high-performance, multi-cultural teams. They need the flexibility to recognize cultural differences and use them to create bridges of understanding. In this training, participants have an opportunity to learn success strategies for leaders of international teams, explore how to recognize stereotyping as a common pitfall, and discover how cultural filters impact communication – whether it is face-to-face or through technology. Further, real-time critical incidents will help uncover the need to understand culture as a strategic imperative.  The program can also include a spotlight on a particular country.

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Doing Business in the USA

International employees come to the United States and are faced with a demanding business environment and a very different social culture.  Adapting to this new environment is essential to the success of the assignment and to the well-being of the employee.  This dynamic one-day program helps build cultural awareness, collaboration, and communication skills.  

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Training for Successful Repatriation

There is ample literature on the expatriation experience and awareness of its challenges for employees and families, but little recognition of the experience of repatriation, often a more difficult experience.  Without preparation for the obstacles to successful repatriation, the experience can negatively impact the employee and family's lives both personally and professionally.  Further, it can potentially undermine a company's global mobility and organizational effectiveness due to returning employees' inability to translate their international experience and newly acquired skills into value for themselves and the company.  A positive repatriation experience is one in which the element of uncertainty has been reduced through means of increased awareness and adjusted expectations.  In this training program, employees and families will be prepared for the adjustments both in lifestyle and at the workplace.


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